Real Estate Rescue Program

Real Estate Rescue Program

The Real Estate Rescue Programs Teaches You How To Find Undervalued Property That You Can Potentially Purchase 10% – 40% Below Market Value From Motivated Vendors

What Does The Real Estate Rescue Program Teach?

The Real Estate Rescue Program teaches you how to identify and purchase distressed properties significantly under market value. Motivated sellers that are experiencing things such as financial hardship or divorce, will often be willing to accept a significant discount on the sale of their property in return for a quick sale. The Real Estate Rescue Program outlines how to structure different types of deals with motivated sellers so you can achieve a WIN-WIN for both parties and generate a profit in the process.

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Real Estate Rescue Reviews

  • Bruce Johnson

    Bruce Johnson

    “We’ve done our first deal in Toronto. We backed ourselves and funded ourselves, and we did a very quick turnaround and made a nice net, 50K. I’m very happy with that.”

  • Tejas O’Keefe

    Tejas O’Keefe

    “Like-minded people definitely should do this course and should completely immerse themselves, 100% in. I won’t choose somebody that’s never ever had the struggle, that doesn’t understand what I’m going through, and it’s the same with real estate.”

  • Michelle Kennedy

    Michelle Kennedy

    “It’s straight down the line, and I would absolutely recommend this course to anybody who’s interested even slightly in real estate because you can go from a novice and become an expert very quickly with the information that she shares.”

  • Kay Streeter

    Kay Streeter

    “ love renovating and so I needed the guidance and the support and the information that Real Estate Rescue gives me.”

Real Estate Rescue Course For

Introducing A 3-Step System To Find & Potentially Secure Property At Up To Potentially 10-40% Below Market Value From Motivated Sellers

Real Estate Rescue Course

Real Estate Rescue Program Strategies

  • Wholesale Deals

    Wholesale deals come about when you are able to purchase a property significantly under its true market value. Oftentimes, vendors are willing to accept 10-40% discounts on their properties when they are highly motivated. If a seller is in a tough financial situation and is about to be foreclosed on, or if they are managing a deceased estate, then there is the potential for a buyer to purchase the property at a sharp discount compared to market value.

  • Short sale Deals

    A short sale deal comes about when a property is in negative equity. If a property falls in value, there are situations where the mortgage left owing on the property is greater than the value of the property. If the owner was to sell the property, they would be forced to repay the lender, and in many instances, these homeowners are not able to cover those costs. A short sale deal allows a buyer to come in and work with both the lender and homeowner to achieve a WIN-WIN while generating a profit in the process.

  • Takeovers Deals

    There are ways in which you can secure control of a property without actually taking ownership of it. A Takeover deal allows you to take control of another person’s mortgage and their property while simultaneously helping them out of a difficult situation. A Takeover is a strategy that you can use to flip properties without incurring costs such as stamp duty. Meanwhile, you are also helping a homeowner who is unable to manage their mortgage repayments.