Real Estate Rescue Program

Build wealth through ethical distressed-property investment

Investing in property has proven itself to be one of the most successful strategies for building wealth in Australia over many years. But with property prices again approaching record highs, getting a foothold in the market can be a challenge. So too can finding value in a tight buyer’s market.

One clever solution is to ethically invest in distressed properties. This process involves identifying situations where a property owner is in danger of losing everything or in need of a quick sale, negotiating a solution that benefits everyone, and then on-selling the property for a profit.

Such arrangements can build significant wealth for investors while solving the money problems of distressed vendors. The DG Institute’s Real Estate Rescue program is built around these principles.

What does Real Estate Rescue teach?

There are a number of steps involved in a successful real estate rescue or distressed property deal. Would-be investors need to first identify their own goals and budget. Next they need to locate home owners in distress, build rapport and negotiate a deal that is viable for themselves and the vendor. Typically, the next step is carrying out renovations and repairs to add value to the property, followed by a marketing campaign and sale. Then the process begins all over again.

The Real Estate Rescue course is design both for people with no experience in property flipping and those with some experience. It takes participants through the steps to a successful rescue, with particular emphasis placed on locating distressed properties and the skills needed to work with vendors. Participants learn about contracts and legal requirements and how to establish which renovations will add value and which should be avoided. The course includes a workshop, home study courses, video workshops and seminars, and email support.

The benefits of property investing

The great Australian dream is to give up your nine-to-five job and become your own boss. No more dreary commute or dreading Monday – instead having the freedom to set your own schedule and control your own destiny. Many people are living this dream after becoming property flippers. The buoyant Australian property market and low interest rates have provided them with the conditions needed to build wealth and financial security on their own terms.

Ethical distressed-property investment brings this dream closer than ever to people trying to enter the property investment market. With the right skills and training you can place yourself in the best possible position to make sound investments and build wealth.

Case studies

Need convincing that the Real Estate Rescue approach can work? The DG Institute has countless case studies of graduates who have applied the lessons they learned to successful flipping deals. Here are just a few:

Meadow Heights, Victoria
$150,000 profit

RER graduate Mary Liu located a run-down family home using a court list provided by the program. After negotiating with the home owner, she was able to develop a win-win proposal where everyone involved could walk away happy. Mary Liu paid the vendor $90,000 plus cash for a new vehicle. After conducting a $50,000 renovation and paying rates, agents fees and other costs, she walked away a tidy $150,000 net profit.

Eltham North, Victoria
$247,000 profit

RER graduate Anare used a court listing to identify a family home with a pool, and negotiated with the owner to take over the property including the outstanding debts. He subdivided the lot and sold the new division for $450,000, resulting in a $247,000 profit split 50/50 with his joint venture partners.

Blacktown, NSW
$46,500 profit

RER graduates Elizabeth and Mike managed to renovate and market a distressed in just six weeks – a truly impressive outcome. The pair used a builder to manage the project after picking up the home for $520,000. The quick turnaround reduced holding costs and made the project highly profitable.


Hear what course graduates had to say about the Real Estate Rescue program:

“I bought a property that was a divorce case and am looking to make $90K conservatively.”


“We are currently doing a takeover deal… looking at a good $100K profit.”


“My cut would be $20K for 60 cent investment for a postage stamp… pretty amazing.”



The lessons you learn during the RER program will set you up for a lifetime of flipping and ethical investment in distressed property. The course can be completed in 30 to 40 hours. However, we recommend you take your time, do all the exercise and study hard. The deeper you understanding, the better placed you will be to succeed in the industry.

Not every graduate has the finances needed to immediately launch into distressed property investment. Some may need to partner with others graduates or to find other financial backers. The RER course will teach you about sourcing finance and, if needed, the DG Institute may be able to assist with helping you find a backer.

Many joint ventures and partnership agreements come out of RER courses. It is not the DG Institute’s role to view and review all the joint venture agreements that come about. The final judgement call needs to come from the partners in the deal and the individual graduates. However, we can provide general assistance if needed.

In some instances, Dominique Grubisa may be willing to enter into a joint venture with a graduate seeking finance for a distressed property flip. In these circumstances, Dominique wears the majority of the risk and splits the profits 45 per cent to 55 per cent.

The RER approach is ideal for those who would otherwise struggle to enter the property investment market. It shows students how to negotiate leveraged deals with little or none of their own money down. Many students have horrible credit ratings and zero capital at the time of participating. With the right attitude and opportunities, they too can succeed at property flipping.

Plenty of graduates and course attendees have reviewed the RER program online. To find a cross section, try googling ‘dgi rer reviews’. You’ll find plenty of information on what students loved about the course, what they would like to change, and what they have gone on to do since graduating.

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