Property Uplift Program

Build wealth and live your best life through strategic property developments

Property developers play an important role in society, improving the standard of our housing stock and boosting urban density. Along the way, many developers build considerable wealth for themselves, all while enjoying an enviable lifestyle. It’s no wonder interest in property developing as a career is booming.

The DG Institute’s Property Uplift Program (PUP) is a property development course aimed at helping accelerate your wealth creation through low-risk, small property developments.

What does the Property Uplift Program teach?

The Property Uplift Program provides you with a step-by-step guide to undertaking a property development, from planning and finance through to purchase of the property, building, marketing and sale. You will learn about the three key types of property development you are likely to become involved in. These are:

DA Uplift

This is the low-hanging fruit of the development industry. Rather than undertaking a development yourself, you scope out suitable sites, obtain approval for a development, and on-sell the land and DA to another developer or a builder looking for suitable projects. Without turning a single shovel of dirt, you can potentially generate significant profits.


Subdivision involves taking a large block of land, looking at local council requirements in terms of block size and zoning, and dividing it up into smaller parcels of land. Depending on your desired level of involvement, you may then wish to construct dwellings on the land or to simply sell the land parcels on to owner builders, a building firm or another developer. In some cases, there may be a pre-existing dwelling on the land which is either retained and renovated or torn down to make room for fresh structures.

Residential Unit Development

This involves taking a site and building multiple units on it. Project size can range from large multi-unit apartment complexes down to more humble developments with two or three dwellings. You will learn the pitfalls to watch for, including steering clear of markets with an oversupply.

The benefits of property development

Over time, property has proven to be one of the most reliable asset classes in the country, helping to build the wealth of countless Australians. The great Australian dream is to own a family home and to build wealth on the side through strategic property investment.

Property development brings a whole new dimension to wealth creation through property. Rather than waiting for the market to rise like other investors, developers create their own value. They locate sites whose potential has not been fully tapped, negotiate with councils and builders, and create a new, valuable product. In this way they can flourish, regardless of whether the market is up or down.

Case studies

Need convincing that the Property Uplift Program can teach you the skills necessary to be a successful developer? The DG Institute has countless case studies of graduates who have applied the lessons they learned to successful deals. Here are just a few recent deals:

Palm Beach, Queensland
$600,000 profit

PUP graduate Mat has purchased a beachside property in Palm Beach, a coastal suburb of Queensland’s Gold Coast. He plans to develop the site, which currently has a single dwelling, into a triplex. After costs, he anticipates making $200,000 on each home for a total profit of $600,000.

Laverton, Victoria
$240,000 profit

DG Institute graduate Vijay snapped up a family home on a sizeable lot in Melbourne’s south west with a view to undertaking a development. His plan is to subdivide and build three three-bedroom homes designed for the local market. After acquisition, building and other costs, he expects to pocket just under $240,000.

Mount Pritchard, NSW
$120,000 profit

DG Institute graduate Anne Marie snapped up an enormous 2000-square-metre block in the western Sydney suburb of Mt Pritchard when she saw the potential for development. She is now subdividing the flat block into four sites, with a view to selling them for a total of $1.8 million. She should make $120,000 on the deal without having to actually build anything.


Hear what course graduates had to say about the Property Uplift Program:

“We have two projects currently in progress with a gross realisation value of about $10.5 million. The expected profit from those is going to be probably around $1.8 million when they complete.”

Janine, NSW

“I’ve done two deals made around $240,000. And probably when I add the extra rental that’s coming, it’s another $70,000. I could not be happier with that result. I’m absolutely amazed.”

Lisa, NSW

“I did Dominique’s course in 2014. I now have five projects on the go totalling around $1.8 million. Some are with money partners, others I am doing myself. We are looking at roughly $700,000 in returns.”

Yanal, Victoria

“We’re half way through the development now with a projected profit of $400,000. We’re already looking for our next property.”

Alanah and Rob, NSW


Just like any other form of investment, there are no guarantees that undertaking a property development will make you money. The profitability of each venture will depend on the eventual sale price exceeding the purchase and development costs plus any other expenses. That said, experience has shown us that developers who do their homework, are conscientious and understand the market have the best chance of turning great profits,

The decision on where your development will take place comes entirely down to you. The DG Institute will help you consider the different options and provide you with an understanding of the factors to look for in a development site. But at the end of the it’s up to your judgement and personal preferences.

The drive to complete the course needs to come from within. However, we will make sure you have the external support you need along the way. We provide an online tutor to guide you through the course work and the various and materials involved. Your tutor will also mark your modules and provide feedback.

You don’t need any certifications to become a developer. The DG institute has successful graduates from both white and blue collar backgrounds, many of whom had never previously flipped a house or undertaken a development project. The common factor among those who do best is an internal drive to succeed.

It’s always nice to have cash in your pocket, but challenges around finance can be overcome. The main prerequisite for success in the program is applying yourself, recognising opportunities and developing strong people skills. Outside of traditional finance, the program will teach you about: our members-only deal hub; open network funding; the Property Connect community.

The answer to this question will come down to your aptitude for the subject area, readiness for change and ability to adapt swiftly. Start by reading through the course descriptions for the Property Uplift and Real Estate Rescue programs and consider which one better suits your skill set. If you think property development might be too big a leap, you might prefer to start with simple property flipping.

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