Master Wealth Control

The secure way of protecting assets – for now and generations to come

We Australians work incredibly hard to build our wealth. And yet it takes just one unexpected event for our financial worlds to come spectacularly crashing down. A job loss that limits our ability to pay our bills, a nasty divorce, or legal action from out of the blue and the savings we have worked so hard to accrue can be taken away from us.

The problem lies with the way our legal and financial systems are structured, demanding that creditors be paid even if it leaves an individual destitute and penniless.

But what if there was a way of protecting your wealth and of stopping it from being stripped away in times of crisis? What if you could lock your assets in an impenetrable vault away from the demands of creditors? This is where the DG Institute’s Master Wealth Control program can help.

What is the Master Wealth Control program?

When an individual goes bankrupt or runs into serious financial trouble, their creditors line up eager to extract their pound of flesh. Certain creditor types and those with the longest standing claims often get their money first, with smaller creditors then arguing over what is left.

Trying to protect property and other assets by placing them in companies and traditional trusts does little to slow the march of creditors. Liquidation specialists are incredibly skilled at following money trails and establishing ownership.

But the Master Wealth Control program is different. Designed by DG Institute Founder Dominique Grubisa, it allows you to turn yourself into a ‘man of straw’, unable to be effectively pinned down by creditors. The combination of our Vestey Trust System, a testamentary will, access to ongoing legal support and a personalised asset protection plan gives you maximum peace of mind. In combination these tools help to protect your property and other assets from threats including divorce, negligence claims, contract disputes, loss of income, and personal guarantees on loans.

Not only does this approach allow you to feel secure in your own lifetime, it helps protect your property and other assets when they pass down to future generations.

“You can be sure that you are leaving a legacy for future generations and your bloodline, without the risk of compromising or losing it through divorce, remarriage, bankruptcy or other unforeseen events.”

Club4rich review

“I [joined] the Master of Wealth Control asset protection program and have been equally impressed with the service provided by the DG Institute.”

Customer, Sydney.

Read what satisfied customers have said about the Master Wealth Control program

“We have set up our wills, trusts and company and placed and removed Caveats. We feel a lot more secure knowing that our assets are protected and our future and our family are safeguarded by what MWC had to offer.”

Keith Scott
Canterbury, Victoria

“Thank you for your attention and support. I hope to be able to send some more people your way. I am relieved to know that I am protected. Thank you again so much, and you can put me down as one very happy customer that will spread the word.”

Debbie Gibson
Townsville, Queensland

Master Wealth Control FAQs

A structure known as the Vestey Trust lies at the centre of the MWC approach. Developed by the famous British Vestey family, its goal is to protect your wealth from the claims of creditors. The trust is controlled by you but not owned by you, and it places a claim over all your assets. Should you fall upon hard times and should your creditors try to claw back money, they will find a pre-existing claim on your assets that overrides their own claims.

Discretionary trusts are typically set up for tax effectiveness purposes and not asset protection. A discretionary trust generally owns the assets in question, will earn and distribute income and leaves a paper trail that can be used to trace back to you as a beneficial owner. The Vestey Trust is a non-trading discretionary trust that will not own assets, earn income or trade – it is simply owed money. That means there are no tax implications for setting this up. The sole purpose for this trust is for your wealth protection. 

Australians typically hold much of their wealth in the form of property and the MWC program is suitable for protecting real estate assets such as family homes and investment properties. However, it is also suitable for: business assets; liquid assets such as cash, shared bank accounts and superannuation; and personal assets such as cars, boats, furniture and jewellery.

In theory, you can include as many people as you want under the Vestey structure within the MWC program. However, the more people you include the greater the risk of disagreement or dispute between trust members. For this reason, it is recommended that you limit protection to your family unit, typically your spouse and children.

This will not affect your tax obligations whatsoever. The goal of the Master Wealth Control program is not to change how you are currently structured for taxation purposed. Instead, we build the Vestey Trust around your current financial situation with the sole goal of providing you with asset protection. From a day-to-day financial perspective, everything will still operate as normal on your end.

Accountants are typically great at managing tax affairs. Their specialty is understanding tax law and the workings of the ATO. However, creating a Vestey Trust through the Master Wealth Control program is a legal service outside the knowledge base of most accountants. This means your average suburban accountant is unlikely to understand how the system works. With this in mind, we will work with your accountant in order to get parts of the structure set up.

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