Elite Mentoring Program

Achieve your full potential and move closer to your wealth-creation goals

Imagine a car driving down the road with only half the cylinders in its engine firing. It’s moving forward, but erratically and at a slower pace than it could be. Now, imagine the same car after being tuned by an experienced mechanic. It purrs down the highway, accelerating towards its destination.

That’s the difference an experienced mentor can make to an entrepreneur or business person looking to improve their performance. By providing insights, support and knowledge, good mentors can help their students to break free of the limitations holding them back. With a mentor behind them, students can meet their full potential and achieve their business and wealth-generation goals.

DG Institute has long understood the value of mentorship and runs the Elite Mentoring Program, a scheme designed to bring out the best in high-flying graduates of other institute courses.

What is the Elite Mentoring Program?

Even the most successful of businesspeople can benefit from ongoing mentorship. The DG institute’s founder, Dominque Grubisa, has a mentor of her own, and has established the Elite Mentoring Program so that graduates of DGI programs can enjoy the same benefits.

The EM program runs over 12 months and is open only to selected applicants. It is designed for people who have a desire to accelerate their results and work closely with Dominique and her board of advisors and coaches with a view to acquiring and selling undervalued property in Australia.

As a program participant, you will have Dominique Grubisa as your head mentor. You will also be assigned your own dedicated mentor/coach from Dominique’s network of successful entrepreneurs. You and your coach will take part in monthly calls to help establish and clarify your goals and help you achieve them. There are live one-day catch ups every 90 days, online sessions with Dominique, and you will have access to the DGI digital learning platform. You will also have access to our off-market and on-markets leads lists.

How do I become eligible?

Not every individual is ready for the benefits that mentoring can bring. There also needs to be a good culture fit between a student and the DG Institute approach. For these reasons, we’re selective about who enters the Elite Mentoring Program.

To be eligible, applicants need to have first undertaken study in a core DGI program, such as Real Estate Rescue or the Property Uplift Program. Individuals are then free to apply to the mentoring stream. They will undergo an interview to assess their suitability, with successful applicants then being admitted and assigned a coach. If you are not successful on your first try, you can reapply at a later stage.

The benefits of the Elite Mentoring Program

Every business person has gaps and deficits that prevent them from reaching their full potential. The problem is, it’s difficult to see what these are from within. That’s where a mentor can help. By providing a fresh perspective, mentors can help you identify and overcome your wealth-creation blockages and go on to thrive as an entrepreneur.

If you have a deal or multiple deals underway, your mentor can also serve as a valuable sounding board and provide advice and insights based on their own experiences in the sector. Over time, the goal is to help you grow in confidence, to develop new skills and business approaches, and to take on the kinds of property deals that will help build your wealth.

Case studies

Need convincing that the Elite Mentoring Program can work for you? The DG Institute has countless case studies of graduates who have applied the lessons they learned to successful deals. Here are just a few:

Meadow Heights, Victoria
$150,000 profit

RER graduate Mary Liu located a run-down family home using a court list provided by the program. After negotiating with the home owner, she was able to develop a win-win proposal where everyone involved could walk away happy. Mary Liu paid the vendor $90,000 plus cash for a new vehicle. After conducting a $50,000 renovation and paying rates, agents fees and other costs, she walked away a tidy $150,000 net profit.

Palm Beach, Queensland
$600,000 profit

PUP graduate Mat has purchased a beachside property in Palm Beach, a coastal suburb of Queensland’s Gold Coast. He plans to develop the site, which currently has a single dwelling, into a triplex. After costs, he anticipates making $200,000 on each home for a total profit of $600,000.

Eltham North, Victoria
$247,000 profit

RER graduate Anare used a court listing to identify a family home with a pool, and negotiated with the owner to take over the property including the outstanding debts. He subdivided the lot and sold the new division for $450,000, resulting in a $247,000 profit split 50/50 with his joint venture partners.


Hear what course graduates had to say about the Elite Mentoring program:

“I have gone on to develop, sub-divide and do structural renovations on about eight [properties] in the last 12 months and probably have a profit of about $800,000. So, it’s been a very successful program.”

Sharon, South Australia

“I’m very grateful and I would highly recommend this program for anyone who likes working with property and making beautiful homes for people.”

Lisa, NSW

“We have done eight real estate deals since joining the Elite Mentoring Program and we’ve got about $200,000 in profits, plus we also do rental and are turning over $100,000 a year in rentals.”

Phil, South Australia

Elite Mentoring Program FAQs

Every individual is different. We have had clients achieve a major business success within the first three weeks of the program. Others take months or even longer before they successfully apply the learnings from the program. There’s no right or wrong. The mentoring program takes into account individual differences and is designed to guide you through your journey and bring out the best in you.

Dominique serves as head mentor overseeing the program and is supported by a team of eight mentors/coaches who work on a 1:1 basis with program participants. All the coach/mentors are DG Institute program graduates who have gone on to achieve significant success as property entrepreneurs. They understand your struggles and know just how to tap into your potential.

The number of participants varies according to the availability of the mentors. We understand how crucial the 1:1 contact is to students’ success and set limits to ensure the mentor/coaches can give their all.

To join the program you must have completed at least one of the institute’s core programs. Even then admission is not guaranteed. We are looking for a good fit between the program’s curriculum and ethos and the outlook of potential participants. We rely on an interview process to determine if you will be offered a place. The Elite Mentoring program is for students who are looking to play at the next level.

If you are familiar with the different mentor/coaches, you can express a preference for an particular individual. This request will be taken into consideration. However, we will also use the interview process to help us determine which coach is best suited to helping you meet your goals and achieve your best.

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