Tejas O’Keefe

Well, I’ve done investing before but I’ve always felt like I was missing a key ingredient, which I now know I have been missing a key ingredient. Just trying to buy really well but without this kind of information has been very trying and difficult and now I understand why, I just didn’t have the right tools. Her knowledge is unbelievable and so thorough, which is actually a relief because there’s nothing worse than seeing somebody that’s just rah, rah, rah.

First thing she says is, we’re not gonna dance, we’re not gonna do games, we’re not gonna do stupid things, I’m just gonna give you information, is that alright? Oh and by the way, we’ll be done at five. Tick, excellent, fantastic. Just information, that’s what I want.

Like minded people definitely should do this course and should completely immerse themselves, 100% in. I won’t choose somebody that’s never ever had the struggle, that doesn’t understand what I’m going through, and it’s the same with real estate. She’s had successes and she’s had failures, and it’s not been easy, it hasn’t been quick rich whatever scheme, it’s been, I made this mistake because of whatever issue, whether it was her fault or not, this is how you stop that from happening to you, which is so important to me.

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