Nawras Alali

I spent almost 10 years doing aged care, so working for aged care, owner of one of the aged care overseas. And then before this, I came to Australia and I thought to do something with real estate development, renovation. I’m doing the real estate because it’s really something that provides flexibility, and at the same time lifestyle, with coached and trained with DG Institute, and that is really rewarding. When I start, I did not know what to do with development. I don’t know anything about how to develop, how to subdivide.

I did not know how to get money through the investors and joint ventures. So getting the knowledge was one of the most important through the training sessions, but getting the experience … The good thing about coaching, actually with my coaches, to answer the questions and help and experience the deals. So we go out of there and we talk with vendors, and many times we get just difficult kind of responses that, “Don’t call us again, don’t send letters again.” Others, they said, “Yes please, can you come in and help us?” So that’s really rewarding. It’s beautiful, I love it, I like it, I recommend it. Just go out there and action it. Action, action and action it.

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