Michelle Kennedy

I guess the best learnings that I got from the three days was the technical skills. Even though I’d watched the videos prior to coming today, and they were clear, being here in person clarified, even more, the learnings of what I wanted to know. The takeover deals was my favourite, and short sale and wholesale, obviously, fantastic learnings, as well, there. But for me, the best part about the three days was actually the networking, was the people that were here. I, from the very first day of the course, was already on the court lists, so, after the Saturday night. I’ve already checked out the area that I want to be. I’m already in real estate at the moment, so I’ve studied the area that I want to be an expert in.

I’ve already also lived in Melbourne and Sydney, so I’ve got my options open in having met a few people here on the weekend, have made some really great connections. As much as I have a very clear strategy, already, I’m open to everything at the moment. I’ve been in the event space for quite a number of years. I’ve been to a few introductory seminars. Very few of them have actually captured me from an integral point of view, from a strategy point of view. Dominique is the entire package. She is authentic, integral, switched-on, sassy. She’s amazing, she’s got charisma, and she’s got personality. But there’s no crap about her. She’s just… It’s straight.

It’s straight down the line, and I would absolutely recommend this course to anybody who’s interested even slightly in real estate because you can go from a novice and become an expert very quickly with the information that she shares. She doesn’t hold anything back, and within the community and the main touring group that she’s got, if you got a question, it’s very easy to find an answer in this group.

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