Kay Streeter

I wanted to progress in real estate investment and I love doing developments. I love renovating and so I needed the guidance and the support and the information that REI gives me. I think that has been enormous but the biggest learning curve is to listen very carefully when you’re negotiating or speaking with people. I think that’s probably the biggest thing I’ve got from it and developed.

Since REI, I’ve done a JV with a couple at … Near Curry Curry at Weston which I was the money partner and he’s a builder and an interior decorator, so they did all the work. It was very successful. It was sort of a record price for the area so, yeah, it was really good.

I told my friends, and the thing this some people aren’t really into property. They all want to hear about it, but they’re not always ready to take the step to do it. I tell everyone about it.

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