Julie Sherden

For the last 30 years I’ve been a high school teacher, executive teacher, which I’ve loved, but just looking for something more. It felt like it was a bit of a repeat, so I wanted something a little bit more exciting and stimulating. My background is textiles and design and technology. So I’ve always loved to renovate, and renovating and properties seemed to go together.

It’s actually been really exciting to be able to be your own boss, go and have a coffee in the middle of the day without a bell ringing is always nice. Just getting to know trades, we’ve developed our own trade group, and being able to buy and sell. We’ve also now, on the offset of that, done styling and we’re actually setting up a staging business as well for our properties. So we’re actually going to do that with other houses that are being sold. Real estate’s on board and just said, “Give me a buzz when you got your insurance up,” and off we go. So we’ll have a side business as well going, which is just a bonus. So it’s exciting.

We’ve been with Dominique for two years, and for the last two years, we’re actually up to our sixth property, buying, renovating, and selling. Just on the renovations themselves, we’ve made probably near close to $300,000. I think on my first deal last year, I made my whole teaching salary for a year. So that was pretty exciting. It’s definitely stimulating and saying, “Let’s get on board.” When you get those moments where you get down, the worst day on site is still better than the best day at work. You know, you’re out in the sunshine, you’re enjoying the day. so it’s been really exciting.

Take a leap of faith. That’s really what I did. I mean, I’m 52, and I just went, “It’s time to change things.” And even if it gets tough, refused to say, “Let’s just step back into where we were before.” Sometimes it’s a better financial gain than others, but the other learning experiences that you get far outweigh it.

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