Jonathan McMonagle

Before here, I was running my own company, business consulting company, and it’s getting very annoying. Clients are beginning to annoy me. I’ve been in the business too long, so I did some property investment. I had three properties before I joined, and relatively successful. I wouldn’t say that I was going to retire on them, but I wasn’t losing money thankfully. So yeah, I just looked around for different programmes that could maybe help me be better at what I was trying to do anyway, so I could effectively leave my business behind.

The reason I was slow in my first year, I mentioned, was I was trying to do takeover deals, short sales, using the distressed list, and despite standing here talking to you now, I’m terrible at talking to people about things like this. So my mentor Laura, she recommended that maybe doing my own deals wasn’t the thing for me, so in the last few months, in my first year, she got me into a few joint ventures where I was the money partner. So yeah, commit to it and listen to your mentor, because [inaudible 00:01:06] I would have been flailing around trying to convince owners to sell me their property, and I’m not very good at getting people to sell me their property.

So probably just this morning actually I’ve just arranged a takeover to do my first deal on my own, so this one is a lot bigger. It’s a $1.72 million dollar home in Sydney. If you need a push, and it’s something you want to do but you think whatever the reason is, you don’t know what to do. You’re scared, it’s risky, there’s lots of unknowns, the mentoring is for people like that. They know what they want, but they’re just scared of going for it themselves, so yeah, definitely people like me, may need that little push now and again.

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