Elen Van Haren

I’ve been to a couple of Dominique’s events and she’s so knowledgeable and really knows what she’s talking about and I trust her, so I want to know how to do things, I’m changing jobs I think, so I’d like to get into this. All those strategies that she’s taught us, I mean, I’ve got to delve in now and really get my head around that and I want to move that forward. I’ve got a business partner who I want to work with and she’s here as well but I think it was very good to hear the legal side, the documents, just knowing that process.

I’m quite comfortable with negotiation because I taught it but I really did enjoy hearing all that and getting my head around that a little bit more. Hearing the different people who have already done this stuff and giving their actual experience was great as well. Anybody who’s really interested in following this up, Dominique is one of the best to follow I would say. Now we’re looking at how you can advance yourself by these strategies, the takeover and so on, so I haven’t heard those things before, so she is right on the cutting edge because most people don’t know about that stuff, so yes, so I think I would definitely recommend her to quite a few of my friends.

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