Kanat Wano

Julie Sherden

For the last 30 years I’ve been a high school teacher, executive teacher, which I’ve loved, but just looking for.

Jonathan McMonagle

Before here, I was running my own company, business consulting company, and it’s getting very annoying. Clients are beginning to.

Bruce Johnson

Before Real Estate Rescue, I was working as a frontline manager, most recently for a large hardware chain that had.

Elen Van Haren

I’ve been to a couple of Dominique’s events and she’s so knowledgeable and really knows what she’s talking about and.

Kane Akwane

The key learnings have given me a point of launching as soon as tomorrow. I’ve done the research before, I’ve.

Kay Streeter

I wanted to progress in real estate investment and I love doing developments. I love renovating and so…

Mike Windsor

The experience is absolutely fantastic. Dominic and the team are so empowering. There’s a lot of information that I’ve taken..

Nawras Alali

I spent almost 10 years doing aged care, so working for aged care, owner of one of the aged care.

Tejas O’Keefe

Well, I’ve done investing before but I’ve always felt like I was missing a key…

Ian & Melinda Coward

Melinda Coward: Well, we moved over from England about 12 months ago, so we needed something to do. My husband’s.

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