Dominique Grubisa is a property investor and developer, an entrepreneur, a barrister and a speaker. She has developed strategies through her vast knowledge and experience gained over the last 20 years as a lawyer and property developer, to help people protect and grow their wealth exponentially to make great things possible.

Hear about the fastest and smartest asset protection system around which can bulletproof you in one fell swoop. Those who have invested in the “Master Wealth Control” asset protection system can sleep at night knowing that they are untouchable and that if things go wrong financially their wealth is beyond reach of others.

These investors have gone from strength to strength knowing that they can take risks in business and property investments without the usual downside as their existing wealth is ‘in the vault’

You can also find out about a real estate acquisition strategy which has been making those who have learnt about it a fortune buying distressed real estate at huge discounts.

In this program Dominique shares all her vast knowledge about the legal and banking system to enable students to:

  • buy property at between 10-40% below market value;
  • buy property with none of their own money and without having to obtain finance;
  • maximise their property profits in this market by legally avoiding stamp duty, CGT and low valuations;
  • find distressed properties before they come on the market;
  • to make their money in real estate when they buy;
  • to have financial freedom, be their own boss and have an income for life through property
  • make great things possible.